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One late night at 3 a.m., a worried mom struggled to feed a crying hungry baby who would NOT drink his formula. Reading the label and realizing how full of chemicals it was made the mom cry too!  Her child would not eat and breast milk was not an option. What to do? 

Mom decided to consult with a nutritionist who advised her to make her own baby beverage.  This was a natural next step as she and her husband had already started on the path of healthier choices, one of them being nutritious and delicious shakes.  Why not make one for her baby?

Combining the need to feed her child the most natural food possible and her interest in healthy living as well as her knowledge of beverages, mom created Baby Life Shake. As she shared her story and Baby Life Shake with other moms and dads, she realized that Baby Life Shake could fill a need not only for those babies who did not have access to breast milk but also for those parents who wanted their children to have a healthy beverage that was filled with goodness and not chemicals.

And so, Baby Life Shake, a healthy, nutritious vitamin-packed alternative to formula was born!

  Make Love The #1 Ingredient In Your Baby's Food.
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